Aralık 6, 2023


Honorable SU-DS Family,

We are proud to organise the 2020 Trisome Games in Antalya, Turkey. I hope, the Games to be held in Antalya between the dates of 19-26 March 2024 will leave good memories for all participants. I wish everyone all the best and especially, excellent success to the athletes who will compete in the events.

You, our athletes with down syndrome are a source of our pride. As the TOSSFED (Turkish Special Athletes Sports Federation) family, we are always standing near our athletes and will be their supporters. In, Turkey, we are used to work for our down syndrome athletes.

Our goal and vision is to over come barriers, to work harder, to reach much more of our children with down syndrome in society and compete them in sports. Our aim is to ensure our down syndrome athletes can take part in all sporting events with comfort and happily. At this point, the contribution of our down syndrome athletes to employment is also very valuable for us. Their stability, their perseverance, their determination to struggle with problems and their perspectives on life lead us to work harder for them.

We know that if you are an athlete with down syndrome, you are strong and society has a lot of things to inspire from you. We want more people to benefit from this moral wealth. Let us over come barriers together in the journey to bring the World to more prosperous tomorrows.

Dear Turkish Athletes with down syndrome and all participant down syndrome athletes from all other countries, all the resources of our country are at your service. We are very pleased to be part of this great organisation and hosting you.

On this occasion, I wish for an unforgettable sporting event where you will gain beautiful
memories for all of the coaches, managers and the down syndrome athletes who are competing
in the games. We are proud of our down syndrome athletes and welcome you all.


TOSSFED President